E1: Why listen to a podcast about rhetoric and the humanities? (w/ Doug Cloud)

In our inaugural episode, we introduce the re:verb podcast, its hosts (Calvin Pollak and Alex Helberg), and we explain the project's genealogy as a descendant of The Silver Tongue, a rhetorical criticism blog founded by Doug Cloud, Hilary Franklin, Alexis Teagarden and Matt Zebrowski in 2010. We talk to Silver Tongue co-founder Doug Cloud -- now an Assistant Professor of English at Colorado State University -- about rhetoric, public engagement, and the benefits of topical eclecticism in humanities research. Then, co-hosts Calvin and Alex have a free-wheeling conversation with re:verb Web Editor Ana Cooke and PR & Social Media Editor Ryan Mitchell about the humanities and STEM, enacting the kinds of lenses/approaches we hope to bring to public issues on the show going forward.

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